all i ever loved

by Modern Heist

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Modern Heist’s all i ever loved: Is the result of our heart, soul, and a heaping dose of obsession. Some of these songs have been over 6 years in the making, but really it is lifetimes of experiences culminated. Some of this experience is cyclical, coming directly from our music a positive feedback to our own inspiration and that of others. People have introduced themselves telling us that they are struggling. Some with drugs, some with disorders or disease, some with loss, and some without a tangible reason at all. But they tell us that our music helps them through, and helps them recover.
During one particular show i noticed a man, who we did not know, dancing enthusiastically with a huge smile on his face. I’m not sure i have ever seen someone have so much fun so I introduced myself. He then proceeded to tell me the most ridiculous story i have ever heard. He was visiting from Iran and that was the first live music performance he had ever seen... ridiculous, but awesome to meet the guy. So needless to say, we have made many friends in this musical journey. Unfortunately, we also lost a few. Our hope is this album will allow our songs to reach more ears, and hopefully give someone else somewhere out there some of the comfort we ourselves have found in music.

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released February 2, 2013

Modern Heist is Cassie Thompson on Vocals, Ryan Vander Werff on Guitars, Andrew Sander on Bass, Mike Franz on Drums.

All songs written and recorded by Modern Heist.
Lyrics by Cassie Thompson
Record Engineering and Mixing by Mario Quintero of AudioM/Q

Other Musicians included on this album are Loren Perelman; Guitars and Banjo, Bryan Difabio (DFAB Studios); Programing and Keyboards.

Album art and arrangements by Kara Kirchhoff

Special thanks to all who teach, support, inspire, create, provide, defend, shelter, empower, feel, hear, observe, learn, and touch. We couldn’t have done it without you.

This album is dedicated to all we ever loved.

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all rights reserved


Modern Heist San Diego, California

Modern Heist is an indie rock band delved in heavy folk, classic rock, dirty blues, as well as influences ripped from hard rock/punk, and sometimes even pop. Our genre is alternative indie but our style exceeds that large box. We are better thought of as Post-coffeehouse, dirty Blues-Core, or Heavy Folk Rock Roots music. We are Modern Heist ... more

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Track Name: Sad Condition
Did you see yourself along the way? You were in a sad condition when you started to play. But I don't blame you after all the things that you've been through. When you started to cry I knew I would've too. I didn't see you come in but I know you saw me leave, face red as fire I couldn't handle what I'd seen. And as I drove off kicking up dust and dirt and leaves I know you forgave me.
Track Name: Be Honest
I don't like it when you come home late. I don't like when you go out to celebrate. I don't like it when you hold my hand, I don't like telling people you're my man. Be honest, be honest with me. I don't like it when you kiss me goodbye, I don't like that you always have to win the fight. I don't like it when you hold my hand, I don't like telling people you're my man. Be honest, be honest with me. You always had trouble looking me in the eye, but you always looked shocked when I caught you in a lie. Never thought that this day would dawn, but you're still telling me stories so I'm moving on. Be honest, be honest with me.
Track Name: Creature Own Adventure
Daddy taught me not to fall too hard, may as well have taught me not to follow my heart. But my head is just as volatile and I'll follow whatever gets me that extra mile to you. I'm following you, oh you, falling for you. Daddy told me not to get caught up in the moment, in the magic, in the warmth of a touch. Used to say if it seemed too good to be true, then it is, I should run... but I'm following you. Oh you, falling for you. Daddy would sit alone as men sometimes do, staring at the wall, can't say I've seen that from you. Looked so thoughtful as he'd sip on his scotch and I'd wonder was his heart or the drink more on the rocks? Now I'm gonna do for myself what he could never do, I'm gonna run, gonna fall, gonna follow you.
Track Name: So L.A.
You're so LA I don't know what to say. You traded your life for fortune and fame. I could tell the world you're mine but who's to say that that won't change in a few weeks or even today? Sit your ass in your beamer, don't know the series or care. You drive in so many directions I'm surprised you get anywhere. I almost envy your ambition that is 'til I look at your life. For someone so confused and unhappy you seem to be doing alright. You're so LA I don't know what to say. I lost myself in your starry gaze. I try to get mad but find that you have ways of diffusing my anger with empty promises of change. (chorus) Follow the road, follow it home. I hope you're happy up there, hope you're happy alone.
Track Name: Dance Number
I get drunk and I do the twist, I grab your hand and you grab my wrist and we dance, we dance, we dance. Dip me low I almost hit the floor, spin my body around I wanna give you more and we dance, we dance, we dance. Move your hands to the sway of my hips, we fall together we were made for this and we dance, we dance, we dance. Catch the light off the chandelier, I found my rhythm when I found you here and we danced, we danced, we danced.
Track Name: The Natives are on Dexaphenadrine
I like the taste of smoke and coke, and ketamine... dexaphenadrine. Brains, remains and carcasses and sugarcanes. But when you move a little closer now, I'm finding it harder to breathe around you. Oh you, you slide a little bit closer to me now. Yeah you, you make me want to be good. I like the rush of a lie, making people cry, fighting strangers and chasing danger. Getting caught, only to escape, 'til I get bored and decide to join a gang. (Chorus) For you I would change my evil ways, put all of the bodies back in their graves. I know I've done a lot of shit in my life but I'd do anything if I could make things right.
Track Name: Postcards from Perfect
I sent you postcards, never did hear back. I guess that's what I get for leaving you like that. Distinctly I remember running fingers through your hair, but you cast me out and now for you I would go anywhere. When I hear your voice everything else sounds like noise, when I hear your voice everything else sounds like noise. As the train pulled off you didn't wave goodbye. It's probably a little unhealthy making up memories in my mind. That blank stare you had the last day I was there now serves to remind me that I had to go somewhere. (chorus)
Track Name: Tithing
I've got my own ideas about life. The point ain't to prove you wrong, it's just to find my right. And you can call me naive and confused, but every day I wake up I'm glad I'm not in your shoes. If I made bad decisions and had low self-esteem I'd be with you right now but you wouldn't love me. If I were one of those girls who thought that life was a dream, I'd be stuck in a nightmare drunk off denial, I think. (chorus) If I could find a way to betray those who trust me I think I'd fit right into our broken down society and if I could convince myself that acts of kindness are selfless, I'd waste my whole damn life helping the stupid and the helpless. (chorus) You may think that I should find a crowd and run, join the masses, raise our glasses but I'm sticking to my guns. You may think that I am selfish and deranged, crazy not to wanna play these petty little games.